Don’t Miss diVa Day

Join us Friday, Nov. 17, for diVa Day – a special event where you can sit down for a complimentary, personalized and private diVa consultation with our P.A. and expert diVa provider, Brooke Studley. If you decide to proceed with the life-changing diVA treatment, you’ll receive a series of three diVa treatments for the special price of $3,000 (a $4,500 value).

We’ll also give you a diVa swag bag that includes a $100 gift certificate to Synergy’s Med Spa, a two-week unlimited pass to Carolina Barre & Core and a generous supply of full-sized beauty products and diVa goodies.

What Can diVa Do for You?

As a woman, your vaginal health is fundamental to your sense of self-confidence, well-being and overall health. But after going through childbirth or menopause, many women say they feel changes – tissues can become stretched, dry, thin or inflamed, and sex can be painful.

Until fairly recently, women who dreamed of improving their sexual health had limited options. However, there have been several promising innovations lately to help women regain their confidence and achieve more satisfying intimate encounters.

At Synergy Spa and Aesthetics, we are excited to offer a new state-of-the-art, noninvasive option called diVA™ for improving women’s sexual health.

Rediscover Your Inner ‘diVa’ at Synergy

diVa by Sciton is a noninvasive, non-hormonal vaginal feminine rejuvenation treatment that uses a fractional laser to resurface the vagina and address common challenges such as vaginal laxity, dryness and even incontinence. diVA is a groundbreaking laser procedure designed to address women’s unique intimate challenges and improve patients’ vaginal health, function and sex life.

While having a laser in your most personal area may sound worrying, rest assured the procedure is safe, effective and has minimal pain and downtime. With high-precision automation, we can perform the treatment with a high rate of consistency each time.

Is diVA Right for You?

As women age, we experience a decline in the hormone estrogen, as well as in collagen production. The vaginal walls become thinner, losing elasticity and moisture. In addition, life landmarks such as childbirth and menopause change a woman’s body in many ways. All these factors result in dramatic changes in the appearance and function of the vagina.

We often hear from women who are self-conscious about the vaginal changes they experience after childbirth or menopause. The diVa laser allows them to regain both their sensuality and confidence. Before the introduction of diVa, the primary option was surgical vaginal rejuvenation, a major procedure requiring anesthesia, pain medication and at least a week of recovery time. diVa is a far superior and safer option.

Most women struggle with private vaginal concerns, but are often too embarrassed or afraid to ask for medical help. If you are concerned that your vaginal health is not what it used to be, our Synergy staff would love to have a private consultation with you to discuss the physical benefits of a diVa treatment.

How Does diVa Work?

As women age, loss of collagen in the vagina causes dryness, thinning and pain. The diVA system is a fractional hybrid laser that removes a layer of tissue from the vagina, which stimulates the surrounding tissue to produce new collagen. diVa works to help women of all ages feel like their most feminine selves, with increased self-confidence and improved sexual health and wellness.

The procedure uses a quartz dilator to expand and flatten your vaginal tunnel. The fully automated handpiece delivers a wavelength that rejuvenates the vagina. We can adjust the treatment depending on your needs to give you optimum results for the personal and intimate challenges you are struggling with. External rejuvenation is an additional option with regular diVa treatments for visibly dramatic results.

What Are the Benefits of diVa Treatment?

If you are frustrated by the changes you are experiencing in your vaginal area, diVa is vaginal feminine rejuvenation that truly works.

For women who are feeling looseness after childbirth, diVa vaginal rejuvenation tightens the vagina, making it more like it was pre-pregnancy. For women with urine leakage, also associated with childbirth, diVa can offer improvement, as well.

For women who are experiencing vaginal dryness, thinning, inflammation, painful or difficult intercourse, diVa vaginal rejuvenation can increase vaginal muscle tone and enhance sensation, as well as help create natural vaginal lubrication. These problems can happen because of the hormonal changes brought on by menopause, as well as during breastfeeding or at any other time your body is creating less estrogen.

The benefits of diVa treatment include:

• No downtime
• Three quick, private treatments
• Customizable
• Life-changing results

diVa treatments are so effective at improving vaginal health that diVa has earned a 100 percent user approval rating on Every user who has experienced the diVa treatment rated it “Worth It” on RealSelf because they were so satisfied with their results.

How Often Will I Need diVa?

After your initial three treatments, you may wish to continue with one to two treatments each year to maintain your results. You are not required to continue treatment; however, we recommend regular maintenance to ensure you get the most out of your investment in your vaginal health.

• All laser patients must have a consultation prior to scheduling treatment.
• Any patients with a real or artificial tan are not candidates for treatment.
• We will answer all your questions regarding laser treatment options during your consultation.

Schedule Your diVa Consultation With Synergy

Some women simply put up with vaginal discomfort, thinking it’s a normal part of their lives they must suffer silently. However, a healthy, functioning vagina is every woman’s right, and Synergy is happy to provide a safe, effective and nonsurgical option to rejuvenate your vaginal tissues to their younger, more vital state.

Synergy Spa and Aesthetics offers everything you need to look and feel your best, from head to toe. Our only goal is to help you feel healthy, beautiful and confident in your appearance. If you’re ready to restore your vagina, contact us today to book a consultation about diVa and learn more about what it can do for you.