1. Breast Augmentation Explained
    Breast Augmentation or mammoplasty is a surgery performed to magnify and improve the shape of your breasts. Whether you are unhappy with the size/shape of your breasts or recently went through a physical change, breast augmentation is a procedure that can help you feel more beautiful, self-secure, and sexually satisfied.
  2. Choose Your Breast Implant Material
    Dr. Hughes uses the highest-quality and most reliable implants available. All implants used at Synergy’s plastic surgery division are safe and FDA approved.  Patients can choose between the silicone or saline materials.  Hughes and his staff will walk you through the implant guide selection and offer their recommendations on which implant may be best for you.
  3. Choose Your Size
    If you are unhappy with your chest, you can change it! However, bigger is not always better.  An enhancement that is within one to two sizes of your current dimension could make a huge difference in your appearance without causing drastic adjustments to your health.  That being said, a breast augmentation is performed to give you the bigger breasts you want.  Discuss your preferences with Dr. Hughes and he will assist you in making a happy and healthy final decision.
  4. Combine Your Augmentation With Another Procedure
    There are a variety of operations that can be combined with a breast augmentation to ensure your utmost satisfaction. Some patients may choose to undergo both a breast augmentation and a breast lift to eliminate sagging or poor positioning.  Others wish to receive liposuction around the chest wall, abdomen, or underarms to highlight the breast.  The choice is yours.  Be open about your ideas and Dr. Hughes will be honest with you about how best to make your hopes a reality.
  5. Get Healthy
    Many women often comment that preparing for a breast augmentation forced them to focus on their health. They begin watching what they eat, working out, quit smoking, and get the sleep they need.  Before you undergo any surgery, it is important to take care of your body in order to avoid complications.  Be candid with Dr. Hughes about your medical history so he can steer you in the right direction prior to your operation.
  6. Financing Options
    We accepts, cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and personal checks (must be at least 15 days before cosmetic surgery). Hughes has also introduced payment plans through CreditCare.  CreditCare allows you to finance the total amount of your procedure upfront and then pay the balance over time.  Different monthly options are available with the CreditCare system so call Dr. Hughes’ office today and find out what works for you!