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Enhance Your Eyes

Upper and lower eyelid enhancement, or Blepharoplasty, improves the elasticity of the skin that causes baggy eyes and removes wrinkled layers of the skin that are present on the eyelids. An eyelid enhancement surgery in Raleigh, NC, can remove puffiness around the eyes, wrinkles, and sagging eyelids. This procedure is designed to restore an ageless appearance. Eye enhancements restore a refreshed, revitalized look.

Reverse the Signs of Aging

Our eyelids can lose elasticity due to aging, the sun’s rays, or smoking. These inhibitors can create a dull, sleep-deprived look. As aging progresses, the bags under our eyes appear more prevalent. Many individuals opt for eyelid surgeries to combat puffiness, droopy eyes, and eyelid wrinkles. Eyelid enhancement surgery can restore a youthful, revitalized look.

About Eyelid Enhancement

Eyelid Enhancement Treats:

Excess skin on the eyelid
Eyelid wrinkles
Eye bags
Droopy eyes


45 min – 2 hours


The results of an eyelid enhancement treatment provide individuals with more lifted, tightened eyes. After the day of the procedure, a light ice pack is recommended to reduce visible swelling. In 2-3 weeks, normal activities can be endured again.

Reduced swelling in 2 weeks
1-2 weeks makeup and contacts can be applied
2-3 weeks can return to all activities

Treatment Options

Upper Eyelid

Upper lid enhancements call for minor incisions on the upper eyelid. Then, fat can be redistributed or removed.

Lower Eyelid

A lower eyelid procedure involves minuscule incisions made on the lower lash line. Then, fat can be redistributed or removed.

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