Meet the Team

The World of Synergy

The Triangle’s only full-service beauty and wellness destination.

Anna Churchill

Founder + CEO

A growing career

Anna began her career as a professional makeup artist and licensed aesthetician. Through her medical service organization (MSO), she oversees a state-of-the-art plastic surgery center and her med-aesthetics department is in the Top 50 accounts with Allergan. She is a certified Para-medical aesthetician specializing in acne, aging skin, antioxidants, and alpha hydroxyl acids. Anna has traveled extensively to teach innovative skin care techniques to dermatologists, plastic surgeons, aestheticians and spa owners in Asia, Canada, and the US.

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Dr. Duncan Hughes

Double Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Background & Education

Dr. Hughes is a double board-certified surgeon in both general surgery and plastic and reconstructive surgery. He received his plastics and reconstructive surgery training at Duke University, where he trained alongside the country’s leading plastics and reconstructive surgeons. As an industry leader, Dr. Hughes is frequently featured on the Plastic Surgery Channel, and in his spare time, he can be found enjoying time with wife and two kids in Durham.

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Meet Our
Executive Leadership

Morgan W. Director of Aesthetics
Jason H. Director of Business Development
Chelsea B. Operations Director
Caitlyn L. Administrative Director
Dianne F. Inventory Control Manager
Jenna P. Regional Manager
Bailey D. Director of Client Engagement

Meet Our
Management Team

Kourtney W. Location Manager | Inside the Beltline
Lizzy P. Location Manager | North Raleigh
Cassidee M. Assistant Manager | Inside the Beltline
Kenna S. Medical Aesthetics Team Lead
Bailey P. Inventory Specialist

Meet Our
Marketing Team

AnnaMarie KS. Brand Director
Summer L. Graphic Designer
Alana M. Marketing + Community Relations Coordinator

Meet Our
Client Engagement Team

Taylor T. Cosmetic Coordinator
Erin S. Cosmetic Coordinator

Meet Our
Plastic Surgery Team

April I. Patient Care Coordinator
Brooke S. Medical Assistant + Surgical Technician
Catherine W. OR Nurse

Meet Our
Medical Aesthetics Team

Brooke S. PA-C, MS
Gurpreet K. AGNP-C, MSN
Jenna M. RN, BSN, CANS
Jessica A. RN, BSN, CANS
Catherine W. RN, BSN, MSN, CANS
Christine M. RN
Daphne R. RN
Lisa F. Microblading + Pigmentation Expert

Meet Our
Body by Synergy™ Team

Christie W. Certified CoolSculpting + Emsculpt Technician
Amelia O. Certified CoolSculpting + EmSculpt Technician
Shelby W. Body Specialist

Meet Our
Aesthetics Team

Cameron M. Laser Specialist + Medical Aesthetician
Bridget N. Laser Specialist + Medical Aesthetician
Kristen W. Medical Aesthetician
Emily T. Medical Aesthetician
Rachael M. Medical Aesthetician
Becca M. Medical Aesthetician
Stephanie R. Medical Aesthetician
Cheryl D. Medical Aesthetician
Karen C. Medical Aesthetician
Morgan L. Medical Aesthetician
Belle T. Medical Aesthetician
Kaylyn R. Medical Aesthetician
DawnMarie M. Medical Aesthetician
Jing S. Medical Aesthetician

Meet Our
Spa Team

Dean H. Massage Therapist
Jason H. Massage Therapist
Nychole R. Massage Therapist
Sharla G. Massage Therapist
Jaime R. Massage Therapist
Soon K. Nail Technician
Lori T. Nail Technician
Layla W. Nail Technician
Crystal R. Nail Technician

Meet Our
Spa Coordinator Team

Madison M. Team Lead
Kasey H. Spa Coordinator
Emilyn K. Spa Coordinator
Brittany D Spa Coordinator
Gael G. Spa Coordinator
Lindsey C. Spa Coordinator
Taylor C. Spa Coordinator