Laser Policy

Our Laser Treatment Policy in Raleigh

Laser Treatments at Synergy

Our goal at Synergy is to offer our clients the highest quality, safest, and most efficacious aesthetic treatments.

About Laser Policy

Synergy aims to offer the best laser services in the Raleigh marketplace. It is our belief that in the world of laser procedures there tends to be great variability in the quality of laser services offered to the public. Laser treatments are viewed as surgical services by the North Carolina Medical Board and are regulated by the Board.

Although some providers fail to meet the standards set by the Board, we have made a conscious decision to comply to the letter of the law set by the North Carolina Medical Board. We have partnered with Dr. Duncan Hughes, Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, as our medical director. Together, we have developed policies and protocols for laser services to ensure both great aesthetic results and the ultimate safety for our patients.

From the North Carolina Medical Board Position Statement on Lasers:

Laser surgery should be performed only by a physician or by a licensed health care practitioner working within his or her professional scope of practice and with appropriate medical training functioning under the supervision, preferably on-site, of a physician or by those categories of practitioners currently licensed by this state to perform surgical services.

It is the position of the Board that good medical practice requires that each patient is examined by a physician, physician assistant or nurse practitioner licensed or approved by this Board prior to receiving the first laser hair and tattoo removal treatment and at other times as medically indicated.

As a result of these statements, we have adopted the following policies for Synergy:


Patients who purchase laser hair removal or tattoo removal must be evaluated by either Dr. Hughes or another licensed practitioner (NP or PA) at our location for a short complimentary pre-treatment physical exam and consultation to determine skin type and individual treatment strategies. These consultations will be conveniently scheduled weekly.


Patients who purchase laser resurfacing treatments up to 50 microns, SkinTyte treatments or vascular treatments can be treated by our on site registered nurse and/or certified technicians. These patients also have access to our medical director staff for complimentary consultation prior to or after their treatments if desired.


Medications used at Synergy are only used under the protocol driven supervision of the medical and nursing staff.


Patients must inform Synergy staff of any changes in their health history, new medications, recent sun exposures and any recent drug reactions.


Pre-operative and post-operative photos are an important part of the medical record and are required to evaluate progress.

Please Note

  • There will be a $100 consultation fee that may be applied to any medical aesthetic and/or laser treatments on the same day or in future.
  • All laser patients must have a consultation prior to scheduling treatment.
  • Any patients with a tan (real or spray tan) are not candidates for treatment.
  • Specific questions regarding laser treatment options will be answered by your provider during the consultation.