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Face lift surgery is a well-known procedure performed to visibly reduce the signs of aging. It is designed to enhance and raise the skin by eliminating excess fat within the face. A face lift tightens the skin and muscles to present a youthful, ageless face. A face lift procedure is right for you if your skin appears heavily drawn out, it’s sagging, or appears aged. A face lift procedure in Raleigh NC creates a youthful-looking, healthy glow.

Diminish the Signs of Aging

A face lift is the procedure that’s known to visibly diminish signs of aging. It can erase wrinkles within the forehead, tighten facial-muscles, and restore a striking appearance. A full face lift erases deep creases, sagging within the cheeks, and excess fat surrounding the chin. Face lifts are designed to restore your inner-youth and glowing appearance.

About Face Lift

Face Lift Treats:

Sagging skin
Lost facial volume
Double chin
Aged skin
Creased skin


2-3 hours, depending on patient’s goals


The recovery process is different for each individual, as the procedure is different for each individual. The first 24-hours usually require facial dressing to ensure optimal results. The recovery process involves mildly-painful bruising for the first few days, but after two weeks, bruising will diminish and results will begin to appear.

2-3 weeks off of daily activity
No athletics for 6 weeks
3-5 weeks to return to normal activity
6 months for full recovery


• Face lifts are not permanent procedures as the natural aging process will still continue, but you can expect your facelift to last 10-15 years.
• Specific questions and concerns will be addressed during consultation


Treatment Options

An initial meeting with Dr. Hughes is the first step to obtaining
a youthful-looking glow and determining a suitable option.

Full Face

A full face lift, which is the traditional option, offers the widest results as it targets a larger surface area. Your surgeon will examine creases below the eyes, sagging surrounding the cheeks, lines around the mouth, and excess skin underneath the jaw. As this covers a wide surface, the incision is much longer.

Mid Face

A mid-face lift is suitable for younger individuals, as it tightens the areas below the eyes and around the cheeks. Incisions similar to the full face lift are made, but these are much deeper. Areas that aren’t touched in the full face lift are touched with the mid-face face lift.

Mini Facelift

A mini-face lift, or more commonly referred to as a “weekend facelift,” can be conducted with an endoscopic or non-endoscopic approach. An endoscopic procedure is when minuscule cuts are made around the targeted area. A non-endoscopic procedure allows more minuscule incisions to be made to help turn over the area and reshape muscles.

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