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Reduce and Reshape

Receiving a breast reduction is a common wish for many women. Large breasts can cause serious physical pain, such as skin irritation, or neck, back, and shoulder pain. Discomfort due to overly large breasts can limit one’s participation in daily activities. Many individuals experience a lack of confidence when experiencing these issues. This unease and unhappiness is something no one deserves to endure. A breast reduction in Raleigh, NC, can significantly reduce pain, help mobilize, and most importantly boost one’s self-confidence and comfort.

Say Goodbye to Pain

Many individual’s main concern in obtaining a breast reduction in Raleigh, NC, is to finally say goodbye to the pain their breasts have been causing them. We understand the real, physical problems that are a result of overly large breasts. Thankfully, a breast reduction can finally remove all the strenuous, physical pain caused. You’ll finally feel confident & pain-free.

About Breast Reduction

What a
Breast Reduction Treats:

Excess breast tissue
Neck pain
Shoulder pain
Back pain
Skin irritation


2-5 hours on average


It can take a few months for full, finalized results. Although, within a few weeks the slight discomfort will subside, and you will begin to notice the results. Our patients are pleasantly thrilled and confident after receiving a breast reduction.

1-2 weeks off of daily activities
6 weeks for a full recovery

Treatment Options

Although each patient’s procedure is unique to their body, most patient’s will receive three small incisions to the breast. Dr. Hughes delivers accuracy when making incisions along the areolas, the base of the areolas, and under the breast. Excess breast tissue is removed and the nipple and areola will be repositioned. This ensures a realistic and natural appearance.

Dr. Hughes customizes plastic surgery solutions to individual patient needs. Some surgical techniques allow him to eliminate the crease incision or the vertical incision component. In all cases, careful attention is paid to parity and symmetry in size, as well as positioning both of the areola and nipple.

Anchor Incision

This method allows for the maximum degree of tissue removal and reshaping capabilities. Dr. Hughes may use this procedure if the patient needs a significant breast reduction, help with sagging and/or to correct symmetry.

Lollipop Lift

This procedure is for patients who need a moderate reduction of their breasts. The incision is done around the areola and vertically down to the crease in the breast, simulating somewhat a keyhole. Scarring may heal and lighten within a year.


Liposuction may also be introduced during surgery to decrease the amount of fatty tissue under the arms and provide more shape to the reduced breast. Liposuction is the least invasive and leaves minimal to no scars on the breasts. Many of our patients find this very useful. It is a cosmetic procedure, often improving overall shape and bra fit

Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia is an imbalance of hormones that tend to produce enlarged breast tissue in men. A gynecomastia surgery addresses this concern. Liposuction can be administered to remove the desired amount of tissue and improve the upper body. Gynecomastia surgery is beneficial for men who desire to remove excess breast tissue in an effective and concealed way.

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