If you have unwanted hair on your face and/or body, then you’re not alone. Countless people across the world have hair that grows in unwanted places. Some people deal with it by shaving; other by waxing or using ointments. These methods do work but they come with one by downside – they’re a very temporary solution. Sooner or later than waxed or shaved hair will grow back.

Thankfully there is a permanent solution to unwanted body hair in the form of laser hair removal. With laser hair removal, a concentrated beam of light is targeted at the unwanted hair and destroys the hair follicle in that area so hair will not grow there anymore.

The benefits of laser hair removal

Below are some of the main benefits of laser hair removal.

    • Precision –
      A great benefit of laser hair removal is that it’s very precise and you can target specific areas without affecting others or damaging the surrounding skin. Many people have unwanted hair in delicate areas so a precise method of removal is necessary.
    • Effectiveness –
      Laser hair removal is extremely effective and many patients find that after around 3-7 sessions, the area being treated no longer grows hair.
    • Cost effective –
      Although a laser hair treatment session might cost more than a pack of razors or a waxing session, the fact that it’s a permanent solution means that it’s a very cost effective form of treatment in the long run.


Is it painful?

One of the main things that people who haven’t had laser hair removal worry about is the potential pain. It’s certainly true that laser hair removal is not a painless procedure but most patients find the discomfort tolerable and feel that the benefits received are more than worth the very temporary pain that might be experienced during the treatment itself.

Book a laser hair removal session now

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