1. You Have Thought It Through :
    Breast implants are one of most popular cosmetic procedures performed in America today. The procedure is a significant step, and often a positive one.  Breast implants can boost your self esteem and make you feel sexier, but you need to consider your physical, emotional, and financial health before you take the plunge.  If you are not in a mature, stable, and secure place, you may need to hold off on your decision to go bigger.  However, if you have desired a beautifully enhanced chest and you have done the research, feel confident in your decision and set up your consultation today!
  2. You Are Getting The Procedure For Yourself:
    When making the decision to have a breast augmentation, you must be self aware.  Ask yourself if this procedure is going to make you feel better or are you doing it for another reason.  For many women whose breasts never developed to the size they desired, breast implants are a change for the better.  Think about the size you want and how it will effect your day to day.  Ultimately, it is your chest and you should be the one who is pleased.
  3. You Have Asked Others About Their Experience:
    Several factors change once you have a breast augmentation.  Your appearance is the primary shift; but, other aspects such as posture, breast-feeding ability, and nipple size may also be affected.  If women you know feel comfortable discussing their surgery ask them about the process and their experience.  Other’s stories could have a huge impact on your decision and you rather hear them now than later.   Look at before and after photos. The visuals will help you determine the size and shape you are ultimately going for.
  4. You Have Researched Your Doctor:
    Board certification, training, and quality experience are the most important factors in choosing your surgeon.  Look at their credentials and find out their expertise.  Check out the doctor’s website and read the reviews, the internet is a useful tool and free for you to access.  Most doctor’s office also offer plenty of reading material on the topic.  Ask to speak with a nurse or staff member who can better assist you on their facilities specific protocol.
  5. You Are Ready To Have The Body Of Your Dreams:
    The purpose of breast implants is to improve your chest and make you feel better about yourself.  If you have done the prep work, you deserve the reward.  Millions of women have received this procedure and are glad they did.  Be sexy, be confident, and most of all be happy!