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Are you looking to achieve a more youthful, glowing complexion? Synergy Face + Body – now open in Cary, NC – is the perfect destination for all your skincare and plastic surgery needs. This innovative salon offers an array of treatments designed to help you look and feel your best. From skin resurfacing and acne scar treatment to laser skin tightening and Moxi™ Skin Rejuvenation, Synergy Face + Body has it all! Read on to learn more about the benefits of these treatments and what you can expect when visiting Synergy Face + Body.

How to Choose a Med Spa in Cary, NC

When choosing a med spa in Cary, NC, reputation and expertise should rank high on your priority list. Your face is the first thing people see when meeting you, and having a treatment go wrong can be detrimental. Synergy Face + Body has not only been around since 2004, but they have an expert team of 75+ highly-trained aestheticians, nurses, and plastic surgeons. Offering both invasive and noninvasive procedures, Synergy has a stellar reputation for providing outstanding results.

In addition to expertise and excellent customer reviews, med spas should provide a warm, comfortable environment for patients. Synergy takes pride in paying attention to every detail of their environment, from dim lighting and cozy chairs to playing soft music to help put your mind and body at ease.




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Phone Number: (919) 205-0633

Address: 105 SW Cary Parkway Suite
#100 Cary, NC 27511

Hours: Monday:9AM-7PM
Wednesday: 9AM-7PM

Benefits of Visiting a Med Spa

Everyone should feel comfortable in their skin, and med spas help you achieve your aesthetic goals in a safe environment with the highest level of care. From skin rejuvenation to laser hair removal, med spas offer a number of aesthetic services that can help enhance your natural beauty. And finally, many medical spas, including Synergy Face + Body, offer nutritional counseling and lifestyle advice to help you reach and maintain your desired health goals. By visiting a med spa, you will have access to all of the above services in one convenient location.

Services Offered by Synergy Face + Body

Synergy Face + Body offers a wide array of invasive and noninvasive procedures. Whether you’re looking for a simple facial to give you a glow for an event or a tummy tuck to get rid of extra fat around your stomach, Synergy Face + Body has you covered. A comprehensive list of services provided include:

Plastic surgery, including face, breast, and body

Chemical peels and microneedling

Injectables, such as Botox and dermal fillers

Laser hair removal and tattoo removal

Cellulite reduction

Hair restoration

Acne treatments


Synergy Face + Body is one of the top med spas in Cary, NC. Founded in 2004 by Anna Churchill, Synergy has won multiple awards and has grown to multiple locations throughout North Carolina. In the 2019 Midtown Magazine Diamond Awards, the company was voted Best Place to De-Age and Best Med Spa. To schedule a consultation appointment, contact Synergy Face + Body today!

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