Signs of aging on the face is something that most of us would rather avoid. As we age it’s normal for the skin to lose its natural elasticity and for signs of sun damage to appear. Many people try to treat these signs of aging using creams and other topical treatments. Unfortunately such treatments are usually not particularly effective at providing long-lasting and noticeable results. This is why laser therapy has become so popular as a dermal treatment in recent years.

Laser treatment for common skin issues provides a lot of benefits that skin creams and similar treatments cannot provide. By targeting below the skin, it’s possible to treat very stubborn issues, such as acne, unwanted hair and sun damage, including sun spots and lines.

Sciton BBL

Sciton BBL is a Broad Band Light treatment that is used to tackle a number of common skin issues and provide the skin with a more healthy and radiant appearance. BBL is particularly effective for photofacials since it has been shown to change the expression of the genes associated with aging and longevity. A treatment with BBL will leave your skin with a long-lasting youthful glow and help to clear any imperfections caused by aging or sun damage.

Will I need multiple treatments?

The number of treatments required will depend on the current condition of your skin, how severe any skin conditions you want to treat are and what you want to achieve. BBL is very effective for treating a number of skin conditions, such as discoloration, acne and fine lines. You’ll be advised on how best to treat your skin at your first treatment session. If you want to continue to improve the condition of your skin then further treatments may be recommended.

Is the treatment painful?

BBL treatment is generally very well tolerated and topical anaesthetic can be used so that patients don’t feel any severe discomfort during their treatment sessions.

If you’d like to book a BBL treatment then simply get in touch. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have about the treatment and book you for your first session.