The winter can be very tough on your skin so it’s important that you treat it well in order to keep it looking at its best. With this in mind, below are 5 of the best ways to keep your skin looking great during the winter.

    1. Winter Restoration Facial Special
      We are currently offering a Winter Restoration Facial Special to help keep your skin hydrated this winter. It includes medical-grade dermaplaning, oxygen infusion, and a hydrating polypeptide mask. Combining these treatments will leave your skin completely rejuvenated and feeling radiant. Best of all – there’s no downtime!
      The treatment lasts for approximately 35 minutes and costs $110 ($145 value).
    1. Use a great moisturizer
      Using a good moisturizer is extremely important to keep your skin looking good during the winter. The cold weather can dry your skin out and leave it looking flat and lifeless so be sure to use a moisturizer that is known to keep your skin hydrated for long periods of time.
    1. Drink plenty of water
      Drinking plenty of water each day is recommended for many reasons, including to keep your skin looking healthy. How hydrated you are will certainly affect the health of your hair and skin. Although there isn’t a concrete consensus on exactly how much water you should drink each day, 2-3 litres is generally considered to be a good amount.
    1. Private Makeup Application
      Applying makeup in a way that looks subtle yet effective takes a good amount of skill. Why not treat yourself to a private makeup application session at our spa this winter? You can benefit from a private makeup application treatment with one of our highly skilled makeup artists for just $40 for a 45 minute session. You will also get 20% OFF any Jane Iredale makeup products after your checkout.
  1. Avoid taking long hot baths or showers
    It is well known that hot water can dry out your skin so although it may be tempting to take long hot showers or baths during the winter, it’s not recommended if you want to keep your skin looking at its best. Try to take short showers with the water at a comfortable temperature that’s not too hot.

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