Revealing the Numerous Benefits of Accufit Body Contouring

Accufit is an innovative body sculpting solution offered by Synergy Face + Body. This advanced treatment uses state-of-the-art ultrasound technology to eliminate unwanted fat through precision targeting. Discover why Accufit is growing in popularity and the many ways it can help you achieve your body goals.

Understanding How Accufit Eliminates Fat

Accufit utilizes focused ultrasound energy to break apart fat cells without impacting other tissues. During a relaxing 60-90 minute session, high-frequency sound waves penetrate your skin and target fat on your abdomen, flanks, back, arms, and thighs. As the fat cells rupture, the contents are released so your body can naturally metabolize and remove that disrupted fat. This noninvasive approach allows customized body sculpting based on your specific problem areas.

This method is the first and only technology that meets three critical design features: selectivity, uniformity, and volumetric heating. The device’s advanced transducer ensures the selective targeting of fat while shielding other tissues. The thermal sensors also enable uniform heating within the treatment area for consistent results. These optimized design elements allow the removal of fat tissue while ensuring patient safety and comfort.  

Appreciating Accufit Benefits vs. Liposuction

For those considering body contouring treatments, a common dilemma is weighing the pros and cons of minimally invasive technologies like Accufit versus surgical liposuction. However, when compared, Accufit reveals many meaningful benefits.

Little to No Downtime  

Because Accufit is noninvasive, no surgical procedures, stitches, or downtime is required. Our patients often promptly return to work and normal activities with minimal disruption. The ultrasound technology protects your skin and other tissues, making the treatment comfortable and pain-free. While some minor swelling or redness can occur post-treatment, this resolves on its own fairly quickly.  

Increased Accessibility & Cost-Effectiveness  

Given its nonsurgical nature, Accufit is more affordable and accessible than liposuction. Exact cost savings depend on the areas treated and your personalized plan, but patients can expect to save $2,000 – $5,000+ over surgical liposuction. Additionally, Accufit does not involve any of the operating room or anesthesia fees that can substantially increase surgical expenses. We also offer multiple flexible financing options to improve affordability for you.  

Enhanced Safety Profile

Clinical studies affirm Accufit’s excellent safety record. Ultrasound technology boasts significantly milder risks and side effects when compared to surgery. Our patients appreciate the peace of mind of knowing that accurately targeted sound waves carefully break fat apart with little impact on nearby tissues.  

Satisfying, Long-Lasting Outcomes   

While both Accufit and liposuction effectively reduce unwanted fat deposits, only Accufit offers satisfying body contouring without surgery, pain, or downtime. Additionally – the fat cell destruction is permanent, so your contoured look can last indefinitely (unless substantial weight gain stretches the remaining cells).

What Makes Results from Accufit So Successful?

Several factors enable Accufit to safely eliminate fat cells without requiring surgery.

Precise Targeting Ability: The imaging guidance and advanced transducer work together to accurately target unwanted fat while avoiding other tissues. This approach focuses energy on only fat cells to selectively destroy them without causing any collateral damage.   

Gradual Fat Clearance Process: Disrupting fat cells begins their breakdown, but the clearance happens gradually over weeks and months. As your body metabolizes and discards the released fat, subtle yet visible volume reduction becomes apparent. Understanding this delayed timeline will help you set accurate expectations for when you’ll see contour improvements. Steady, natural-looking results are the reward for your patience!

Permanent Fat Cell Destruction: Once they have been eliminated, your disrupted fat cells cannot regrow. While the remaining fat cells can expand with substantial weight gain, the reduction itself is permanent. This means that as long as your overall weight remains stable, your improved body contour achieves longevity.  

FAQs: Popular Accufit Questions

What areas of the body can be treated? 

Commonly treated areas include the abdomen, flanks, back, arms, and thighs – wherever stubborn fat deposits linger despite diet and exercise. We offer customized plans to target your unique problem spots.

Can I return to normal activities after?

Yes, there is no downtime with Accufit, so you can promptly resume regular work and responsibilities without limitations. Some temporary swelling/redness may occur but that resolves rapidly.

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