You Ask + She Answers: Ask Anna Summer 2023


It’s basically summer and I am not feeling especially swimsuit ready. Are there any treatments I can do to get ready for a vacation that’s coming up in a little under a month?

This is a great question! A nutritious diet and consistent exercise plan go a long way, but there’s no shame in getting a little bit of help when you’re in the home stretch! My top treatment recommendation for visibly improved muscle definition in a short amount of time is Accufit. Luckily, Synergy is one of the first providers in the Triangle to bring on this technology! Accufit is a non-invasive treatment with zero downtime that uses electromagnetic energy to cause supramaximal contractions, which works your muscles much more thoroughly than you can achieve on your own at the gym The best part is that treatments are quick–30 minutes– and have zero downtime. We recommend 4 treatments to start and then 1-2 treatments a year to maintain results. Schedule a consultation with one of our body specialists to learn more!


I’m ready to get my body back for this summer, but I have a muffin top that could use some attention and my breasts are definitely not the same after breastfeeding three kids. What do you recommend?

It’s no secret that childbirth and breastfeeding can wreak havoc on a woman’s body, and what you’re describing is completely normal! Because this is so common, plastic surgeons refer the combination of procedures used to address these concerns as a Mommy Makeover. Depending on the severity of your stomach concerns and if there is excess skin or underlying torn abdominal muscles, I would most likely recommend a tummy tuck, with or without liposuction. For your breasts, a breast augmentation with or without a lift can help restore pre-breastfeeding size and fullness. Depending on which combination of procedures you’re interested in, there will be varying degrees of downtime associated with them. If downtime is a concern, I’d specifically seek out a practice that features invasive and non-invasive body contouring options, such as CoolSculpting® ELITE, as these modalities are often easier to fit into a hectic schedule. As always, be sure to schedule an in-person consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to learn about all of your options. 


Anna, I can’t help but think that I’m looking a lot older than I actually am, and I think it could be from years of sun damage. How can I know exactly where my skin stands and where to go from there?


Great question! At Synergy, you know we only invest in the absolute best technology for our clients: The VISIA Complexion Analysis System by Canfield Scientific provides hands-down the most sophisticated experience for aesthetic and skin care consultations. Taking a photo in its interface is quick (It takes less than a minute) and reveals red spots, brown spots, UV damage, wrinkle density, texture and pores. During your consultation, VISIA can show a simulation of how your skin will age in the next few years and its database 250,000 faces will show you how your skin compares to other people your age. This evaluation is a must-do before investing in home care products and skin procedures, like injectables or laser treatments—not to mention facial plastic surgery. It will give you tangible evidence of both your baseline and any progress you make. If you’ve been noticing the effects of aging, don’t wait! Schedule an appointment for a VISIA complexion analysis today.

My best friend swears by her laser treatments to tighten and brighten her skin. While I love the idea of a laser zapping away my teenage acne scars, I have darker skin and in previous consults my providers have always discouraged aggressive laser. Are there any other comparable options?


Great question! It’s true that darker skin types can experience complications from laser treatments, which is why we’ve made it a priority at Synergy to bring on technology that delivers great results for all skin types. One of our favorite treatments for resurfacing the skin is Moxi by Sciton laser. This laser does a beautiful job of revealing radiant skin, no matter the season or how active your lifestyle is. Treatments are completely customizable, which means that your provider can target everything from surface level concerns like fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores to deeper concerns like general resurfacing. The best part is that it’s safe for all skin types and with just a little bit of topical anesthetic, treatment is comfortable and has no downtime!


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