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Not feeling yourself? Maybe you’ve felt that way for a long time.

Or maybe it’s hit you more recently, brought on by changes to your body from childbirth, weight gain or loss, or another factor that has affected how you see yourself in the mirror.

Synergy Face + Body helps women of all shapes and sizes achieve the figure and silhouette that makes them feel more like themselves in their own skin.

Synergy is a premier cosmetic surgeon in Raleigh, offering tailored cosmetic surgery solutions for patients seeking to improve areas of concern and increase their self-confidence like never before.

One of the most popular cosmetic plastic services we offer is augmentations in Raleigh.

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Augmentations are the most frequently performed cosmetic surgery in America. According to Natrelle®, 93% of women receiving their breast implants are satisfied with their results even 10 years later!

But what exactly is an augmentation? How could it change your appearance or make you feel differently about your body?

Read on to learn more about augmentations, how they work, and what they may be able to do for your breast enhancement efforts.

Breast Augmentation v. Breast Implants

“What is a breast augmentation? Is it the same thing as implants?”

Like we tell our clients at our Raleigh practice, a breast augmentation is a procedure; breast implants are the physical object used to enhance the breasts.

Are augmentations FDA-approved?

augmentation in raleigh - fda approved

This is a common question that most of our patients ask in gauging whether or not augmentations are safe (to which the answer is… absolutely!)

The FDA does not actually regulate procedures—only implants or devices.

There are two types of breast implants that are FDA-approved, which we use at our plastic surgery centers in Raleigh (more on the different types of breast implants later!).

Should I get a breast augmentation?

Clients considering an augmentation in Raleigh choose to undergo the procedure for numerous reasons, including:

  • Balancing breast size & reducing asymmetry
  • Compensating for reduced breast mass postpartum or post-surgery
  • Correcting a congenital breast defect
  • Filling in cup size to help clothing fit better
  • Evening out silhouette and overall figure
  • And more

The choice to get an augmentation is a very personal one. It should be fully discussed with your primary care doctor before surgery to ensure your procedure is performed safely and in accordance with your general health plan.

When should I get a breast augmentation?

when should i get a breast augmentation in raleigh

Women choose to get augmentations over a wide range of time, for a variety of reasons.

The most common age we see patients for augmentations is around 40, after they’ve come to the decision that they’re done having children (or don’t want any) and/or have noticed a significant loss of volume.

However, it’s not uncommon that we perform this procedure on younger women with small or irregular breasts.

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to aesthetics. It’s up to you to determine your exact needs, budget, and lifestyle.

Then, Synergy can help you fill in the gaps and inform you of the procedures and treatments we offer that will best fit those needs.

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Who should not get an augmentation?

Women who are looking to correct sagging breasts should not consider augmentation—this procedure may actually increase the appearance of sagging due to the added weight of an implant.

These women should opt instead for a breast lift, which can lift, tighten, and even reposition the areolas and nipples to the desired position.

Additionally, there are medical reasons why an augmentation may not be available for a specific patient. This surgery is like any other; that means allergic reactions, infection, excessive bleeding, or undesirable reactions to anesthesia may occur.

It’s important to discuss your entire medical history with Dr. Hughes during your consultation. That way, our team can adequately protect you and ensure the procedure will be performed safely and successfully.

Augmentation recovery in Raleigh

We are often asked about augmentation recovery time.

While recovery generally takes between 5-7 days before you’re able to resume your normal activities, some find this takes more or less time. This will depend on your past medical history, the extent of your operation, and any current medications you’re taking.

Here are a few easy steps you can take to help reduce your augmentation recovery time:

Eliminate smoking
Smoking decreases the body’s oxygen, and therefore its ability to perform. We suggest reducing or eliminating your smoking for 4-6 weeks prior to your procedure to be absolutely sure you’re setting up your body to be healthy and prepared for surgery.

Assess & improve your diet
Eating nutrient-rich foods like fruits and vegetables before and after surgery will help give your body the tools its needs to bounce back more quickly post-operation.

You should also consider your water intake as part of this diet—you should at least be consuming the minimum recommended amount of water for your body size.

Adequately plan for your recovery
Do not schedule any meetings or events for at least a week post-operation. By pushing your body to heal faster than it should, you run the risk of infection or irritation of the incision sites.

We try to give our patients realistic expectations for the recovery process. Specifically, many women find they need a ‘helper’ around for the first few days following their surgery, to help with everyday tasks like lifting objects or opening doors.

This is because the pectoral muscle (either above or below the implant depending on placement) will be sore for up to 6 weeks after the operation, but mostly so in the first few days afterward.

Breast Augmentation Surgery in Raleigh

How does an augmentation work?

There are a number of ways in which an augmentation can be performed. For example, the number and size of the incisions made in order to insert the breast implant will vary significantly based on your needs.

For the most part, augmentations are performed with scarring in mind—where and how can we minimize the effect of scarring so you’re happy with the surgery long-term?

There is also the question of where the implant will be placed to have the most natural appearance after surgery.

For women that have naturally smaller breasts, an implant may be placed underneath the pectoral muscle in order to mask where the breast tissue stops and the implant begins.

However, for women that have more breast tissue to begin with, it may be decided that the implant should be placed directly behind the breast tissue and in front of the muscle for more pronounced results.

The Synergy experts will go in-depth with you regarding all of your needs and aesthetic goals.

We’ll explain the options available to you to achieve the look you desire, so you can rest assured that your final results will be everything you dreamed of—and more.

Types of Breast Implants

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There are seven total types of breast implants, two of which are FDA-approved for use in women ages 18 and older: saline breast implants and silicone gel breast implants.

During your consultation for an augmentation in Raleigh, your Synergy experts will walk you through the options to decide which type of breast implant will work best for your lifestyle and aesthetic goals.

At Synergy, we use the Vectra 3D Imaging machine to take a 3D image of the body. 

This helps us determine or change the size of the implants using this technology so you can see how your results may vary depending on the type or size of the implant.

Breast Implant Sizes

raleigh breast augmentation surgeons staff

The size of your breast implant can dramatically affect the results of your augmentation in Raleigh.

Too large and your body frame may not be able to compensate for the added weight (yes, they do have weight, just like normal breast tissue!). Too small and the surgery may not achieve the effects you want.

We have extensive experience in helping clients determine the best size for their body; generally, augmentations add about a cup to a cup-and-a-half’s worth of volume to the breasts.

How much do breast implants cost in Raleigh?

The cost of your breast implants will be included in the total cost of your augmentation.

Cost of breast implants and augmentation in Raleigh start at about $5,000 and can vary based on the type of breast implants and the degree of your procedure. Your Vectra 3D imaging consultation will be free of charge.

Can I breastfeed after an augmentation in Raleigh?

can i breastfeed after an augmentation in raleigh

Depending on where the incisions are made during your augmentation, breastfeeding is still a totally viable option for most patients.

If you are concerned about breastfeeding after an augmentation, be sure to vocalize this to your Synergy experts. We can walk you through any risks and complications involved with your specific procedure.

Results of augmentations in Raleigh

augmentation in raleigh: results

We are invested in the confidence and happiness of our clients. They often come back to us for years after their initial surgery or treatment for additional procedures or even just a spa day.

Because of this, we are happy to say that our clients report that they are very happy in the weeks, months, and years following their augmentation in Raleigh.

While we do not publish augmentation before and after photos on our website to protect the privacy of our clients, we do have photos available at our office for you to see the results of our augmentations.

The best part about visually seeing results of augmentation for other women is that it will help you understand how truly customizable an augmentation procedure can be.

Why Synergy Face + Body?

Synergy Face + Body is dedicated to providing the highest quality of advanced care in Raleigh and surrounding areas.

We offer non-invasive and surgical options to help you look and feel your best. Our expert team of over 75 talented medical and spa professionals work tirelessly to help you achieve the look you deserve—the one that makes you feel more you.

Our spa services and packages are the perfect way to spend a girls day, treat a friend or family member, or prepare for a big event (wedding season is approaching, after all!). Synergy offers facials, massages, nails, waxing, makeup, and more.

A med spa is like the best of both worlds—the expert knowledge of a doctor’s office, but in the comfort and relaxation of a spa-like environment. Our med spa treatments can complement your cosmetic surgery efforts effortlessly!

Our clients come to us for all things lasers; from laser hair removal to acne treatments and everything in between, Synergy’s experts are highly trained and certified to handle lasers for a variety of uses.

Our plastic and cosmetic surgery area is headed by medical director and Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Hughes, who has worked with clients in this industry for over 8 years.

At Synergy, all of these efforts are combined into a single practice to help you feel total synergy. Your care will be handled personally and professionally, and we’ll have you covered on everything you need from head to toe.

Complementary treatments for an augmentation

Often times, augmentations are used in conjunction with other treatments or procedures to help clients achieve heightened results.

One of the most popular combinations of surgical treatments are breast lifts.

Oftentimes our clients come to us and know that their breasts are sagging or no longer aesthetically pleasing to them; however, what they may not understand is exactly how to achieve the improvements they’re looking for.

While augmentations in Raleigh are ideal for a natural look to increase volume, weight, and the appearance of fullness or “perkiness,” breast lifts are able to elevate the breast to provide a better support system.

Depending on your goals, you may also benefit from combining your augmentation with liposuction around the underarm, chest wall, or upper abdomen to improve and pronounce the overall shape and appearance of your implants.

If you’re ready to schedule an augmentation in Raleigh at one of our two locations (North Raleigh & inside the Beltline) contact Synergy or schedule an appointment online for a time that works for your schedule.

Learn more about augmentations in Raleigh

Breast augmentations aren’t the solution to every breast problem. But if you’re struggling with a lack of volume or asymmetrical breasts, augmentation may be the perfect solution for you.

It’s not too late to schedule an augmentation in Raleigh before bikini season! Contact us today to learn more and schedule a complimentary consultation to help determine the best course of action to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

Have additional aesthetic concerns? We’d be happy to review these with you, too. Our team has a wide scope of expertise and can make your wants, needs, and dreams a reality for you.

Once we understand your areas of concern and hear you pinpoint your specific problems, we can work with you to determine the best course of action on treatments or procedures that will help you feel total face and body synergy.


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