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Sculpt The Body of Your Dreams with Body Contouring in Raleigh At Synergy Face & Body

Age, genetics, weight fluctuations, and pregnancy can all cause excess skin and fat accumulation, especially in the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, arms, neck, and chin. 

This excess skin can cause issues with the fit of your clothing and an overall negative effect on your self-confidence. Every year, hundreds of patients come to Synergy Face & Body, the premier plastic surgery & medical spa in Raleigh, to learn which treatments we offer that address their bothersome fat and skin. 

If you are curious about body contouring in Raleigh, and how we can help you overcome all of your aesthetic concerns, keep reading to learn about our many body sculpting treatments!

body contouring in raleigh

What body contouring treatments are available in Raleigh? 

At Synergy Face & Body, we offer several body contouring treatments in Raleigh to help our patients achieve a slimmer, smoother look. 

We commonly recommend the following procedures for patients looking to sculpt a better version of themselves:

  • CoolSculpting + ZWave
  • Kybella
  • BodyTite

Treat to Complete

Because we believe in treating the WHOLE you, Synergy Face & Body offers a Treat to Complete package for your bundling convenience → 

  • 4 areas of CoolSculpting
  • 1 series of Emsculpt
  • Complimentary ZWave

Alone, these procedures have a $9,000 value. When bundled together in our Treat to Complete package, it’s just $5400!

Learn more about each of these procedures, and more, by reading on.

body contouring treatments in raleigh include emsculpt for toning muscle


EMSCULPT is a relatively new body contouring procedure that uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology to safely build muscle and create definition in your buttocks, abs, and obliques. In fact, a 30-minute EMSCULPT session provides the equivalent of performing 20,000 squats or crunches!

This treatment for body contouring in Raleigh is best for those who are already fit and close to their ideal body. They may just need extra help to get over a workout plateau or want to achieve more tightness and definition. It’s especially helpful before going on vacation or attending another special event where you’ll want to show off definition in your abs or glutes!

Using EMSCULPT, we can also help women experiencing diastasis recti (separation of the abdominal muscles after pregnancy) to minimize the bothersome belly “pooch” that appears. 

What happens during an EMSCULPT treatment?

When you come to Synergy for an EMSCULPT session, we will first consult with you to ensure you are an ideal candidate, or determine if one of our other body contouring treatments would be more appropriate. We typically recommend a series of 4 to 6 treatments to achieve your goals.

Your EMSCULPT specialist will lay you down and make sure you are comfortable. Then, we will place the paddles onto the intended treatment area. Initially, your specialist will set the machine on a low setting so your muscles become accustomed to the intense contractions. We will then amp up the intensity gradually to ensure your comfort.

Does EMSCULPT replace trips to the gym?

While each EMSCULPT session offers the muscle-building benefits of 20,000 squats or crunches, it is absolutely not an excuse to stop working out. There are many benefits to working out, including the release of endorphins, building bone density, preventing chronic disease, lowering your heart rate, and more that EMSCULPT technology cannot replicate.

We use EMSCULPT as a treatment that works with your regular fitness routine to give you the extra definition you can’t seem to achieve at the gym alone.

What is recovery like?

There is no downtime or recovery associated with EMSCULPT. You can go about your regular activities immediately following your 30-minute session. 

After patients leave Synergy following their EMSCULPT body contouring appointment, they typically tell us they feel minor soreness, like they’ve just finished an intense Pilates class. Despite going through perhaps the most grueling workout your muscles can handle, we promise you won’t feel as though you’ve just done thousands of squats or crunches!

synergy med spa offers a variety of body sculpting treatments

CoolSculpting® + ZWave

One of the best treatments we offer for body contouring in Raleigh is CoolSculpting. CoolSculpting is an FDA-cleared cryolipolysis treatment, a specific type of lipolysis (destruction of fat cells) that freezes individual fat cells. This can reduce or entirely shed problem areas of excess fat, such as stubborn pockets of fat resistant to diet and exercise.

We can use CoolSculpting to target fat on the:

    • Love handles
    • Back rolls
    • Under the bra
    • Inner & outer thighs
    • Hips
    • Arms
    • Abdomen
    • Buttocks
    • And under the chin

What can I expect with CoolSculpting? Does it hurt?

When you visit Synergy Face & Body for body contouring in Raleigh, we will first create an individualized treatment plan based on your specific goals and target treatment areas. On the day of your CoolSculpting appointment, we will get you into a comfortable position and mark the exact placement of the device. 

Then, we will turn on the device, which will begin with a suction motion to draw the undesired fat cells away from your body and apply cooling panels to the treatment area. CoolSculpting is typically very well tolerated, with minimal discomfort. Your session will take between 35-75 minutes, depending on the size of the treatment area. After the fat freezes, we will massage it with the ZWave to provide faster, better results.

How does the ZWave help?

ZWave is a device that uses radial pulse therapy (RPT) technology. This treatment replaces the manual massage step of the CoolSculpting process to send shockwaves through the fat layers, forcing the treated fat cells to break up more quickly. 

This results in a faster rate of fat removal and patients report much more satisfying results with the addition of the ZWave to their CoolSculpting treatment.

Is CoolSculpting a permanent solution to excess fat?

Because adult bodies do not create new fat cells, the fat we destroy will be gone for good. Unless you were to gain weight in the future, the results of CoolSculpting in Raleigh should be long lasting, if not permanent. 

Most clients see changes and results within 2 to 3 months after a series of CoolSculpting treatments. Overall, according to recent research, 79% of clients saw a positive difference in the way their clothes fit after receiving these fat freezing treatments.

kybella is a body contouring treatment specifically used to target fat under the chin


Kybella is an FDA-approved treatment which uses a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid to kill fat cells in the submental area and help patients reduce or eliminate a double chin. 

Excess submental fat, or double chins, can result from aging, weight fluctuations, or even genetics. Many find that a double chin is difficult (if not impossible) to eliminate with diet and exercise. Kybella is an amazing non-surgical solution that helps patients achieve a much more flattering profile after a series of 3 to 6 treatments.

How does Kybella body contouring in Raleigh work?

Deoxycholic acid is a substance already found in your body’s digestive system and breaks down and absorbs fat. When injected below the chin, Kybella directly targets stubborn fat deposits that give you a double chin.

The best candidates for Kybella are healthy adults with moderate to severe fat beneath the chin. You should avoid Kybella if you have trouble swallowing, are pregnant or breastfeeding, or have an infection near the injection site.

Is there any recovery time to plan for?

Though you may experience some slight swelling or redness at the injection site, there is no required downtime with Kybella injections. You are free to go about your daily activities after leaving our Raleigh office, though you may want to lie down with an ice pack afterwards to reduce swelling more quickly. 

How long do the results of Kybella last?

You can see Kybella results over the course of 6 to 8 weeks post-injection. We space your appointments for Kybella 5 to 6 weeks apart, and you can expect to receive at least 2 treatments before seeing the full results of the injections.

With 12 to 20 injections per visit, patients can see results that last for years, with little to no need for touch-up treatments. When we eliminate the fat cells, they will not return. However, the fat cells that remain can still expand with weight gain, so it is important to keep up a healthy diet and exercise routine following Kybella injections.

zwave is a new procedure to help improve the appearance of cellulite

Cellulite Reduction with ZWave

It’s estimated that up to 90% of women experience cellulite. It can embarrass you and can even cause you to shy away from bathing suits and certain clothing to cover it up. To treat cellulite-affected skin, we use state-of-the-art ZWave acoustic therapy to drive sound waves deep into the skin. 

With ZWave, we can target cellulite anywhere on the body, especially on:

    • Abdomens
    • Upper arms
    • Hips
    • Buttocks
    • Thighs

What causes cellulite?

Though the exact causes of cellulite are unknown, we know that it occurs when fat deposits below the skin pushes through layers of connective tissue. 

Correlations with the formation of cellulite include:

    • Enlarged fat cells under the skin
    • Dimpling-causing rigid collagen fibers
    • Loss of skin elasticity
    • Poor blood circulation
    • Accumulated toxins in the skin
    • Pregnancy
    • Hormonal changes and aging

How do body contouring treatments with ZWave help?

There are three grades of cellulite that most women experience. 

Grade 1 – Cellulite is mild, and isn’t as visible in a resting position, but an “orange peel” effect appears when you pinch the skin.

Grade 2 – Cellulite is moderate. It isn’t as visible in a resting position, but a “cottage cheese” effect appears when standing.

Grade 3 – Cellulite is severe. It is visible at all times, whether sitting or standing and appears dimpled and wavy.

Using rapid pulses of radial shock waves from the ZWave, we can break up your pesky cellulite without surgery or needles. After a series of treatments, most patients experience an improvement in up to 2 cellulite grades! 

Is there any recovery time to plan for?

There is no associated downtime with ZWave treatments! Come to Synergy, relax during your treatment, and immediately return to normal activity post-treatment.

bodytite can achieve great results for body contouring in raleigh


BodyTite is a minimally invasive lipolysis treatment and is perfect for anyone who wants to achieve more dramatic results without a more invasive and costly surgery. With BodyTite, we offer body contouring in Raleigh for:

    • Belly fat
    • Upper arms
    • Thighs
    • Knees
    • Love handles
    • Back or bra fat
    • Breasts

If you are interested in a similar treatment for your face, learn more about FaceTite!

How does BodyTite differ from the above body contouring treatments?

Unlike the treatments we’ve mentioned so far, BodyTite is a surgical procedure that takes place at our Raleigh office under a local anesthetic. 

BodyTite is a state-of-the-art, radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis system, providing surgery-like body tightening and contouring results with only one small incision point. 

The best candidates are healthy adults with moderate skin laxity and within 30% of their ideal weight. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have an autoimmune disease, or have a skin disease, consider alternative treatments.

What happens during a BodyTite procedure?

We create a small incision in the skinーwhich will not require stitches nor form a scar. The surgeon will insert a small cannula (a thin tube) into the skin, delivering radiofrequency (RF) energy to tighten the skin and liquefy fat. We remove liquefied fat through the cannula while causing no damage to surrounding tissues.

Is there downtime to expect?

Following treatment, patients feel sore and tender, with some swelling or bruising. Plan to take one to two weeks off low-impact activities, with a return to regular activities within 4 to 6 weeks. 

You will be able to see some results immediately, though you’ll see optimal results within 3 months. Results will continuously improve over 12 months; as long as you maintain your weight, results can last years!

woman searching online for body contouring in raleigh

How to prepare for body contouring in Raleigh


All patients at Synergy Face & Body must first consult with our team so we understand your goals and concerns and to ensure you make a fully informed decision for your health. We will evaluate your general health, examine your body, and discuss your options to create a customized treatment plan for you.

We will also discuss your medical conditions, allergies, and previous surgeries or treatments you’ve had. Be prepared to tell your Synergy specialist about your medications, vitamins, supplements, alcohol, tobacco, and drug use to make sure there is nothing that might disqualify you from body contouring in Raleigh.

Before Treatment

Each treatment is unique, so before your appointment for your first body contouring treatment in Raleigh, follow all instructions given to you by Synergy’s body contouring specialists. 

In general, you should stop smoking for at least a week so your body can better heal itself. You should also avoid aspirin and other anti-inflammatory medications along with certain supplements that can thin your blood. We also ask that you drink adequate fluids before, during, and after your procedure.

When to explore your plastic surgery options for body contouring in Raleigh

Though the treatments we’ve mentioned above utilize the latest technology to reduce fat, you may not get the results you’re after if you are over 10 to 20 pounds from your goal weight, or if you have significant skin laxity.

When it comes to medical treatments for fat reduction or body contouring, plastic surgery offers the most dramatic results. 

We offer the following body contouring in Raleigh for those who do not mind a longer recovery time and are healthy enough for surgery.


If you want to eliminate a lot of fat on your neck or body at once, liposuction might be the best option for you. Similar to BodyTite, we insert a cannula under the skin into small incisions. However, you are under general anesthesia when we do this, and we attach this cannula to a vacuum that permanently removes pockets of excess fat via suction.

We typically combine liposuction with one (or more) of the below procedures to both remove the fat and tighten the skin after the fat loss.  

Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, involves the removal of excess skin on the belly to tighten the remaining skin and muscles and create a sculpted, flat stomach. We often see women who have had several children, as well as men and women who have lost a significant amount of weight, for this body contouring procedure in Raleigh. 

After a tummy tuck, you will feel very sore and tight in the abdominal area. Expect to take up to 2 weeks off work to recover.

Arm Lift

Also called brachioplasty, an arm lift eliminates the bothersome “bat wings” that may form on the underside of your arms because of excess fat or loose skin. An arm lift paired with liposuction is the fastest and most permanent way to re-contour the arm and create a more toned look.

Your arms will feel swollen and tight after an arm lift, and you cannot lift your arms overhead for several weeks. Plan on taking up to a week off work for initial recovery.

Thigh Lift

Thanks to significant weight loss or genetics, the thighs can accumulate excess skin and appear saggy and make it difficult to fit into clothing. A thigh lift is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin and small pockets of fat on the thighs, creating smoother skin and a more flattering contour. 

Following surgery, your thighs will feel tight and will appear swollen and bruised. We suggest patients take 2 to 3 weeks off work and normal activities to rest and recover. 

Body Lift

You’ve done the hard work of losing the weight, but now you have excess skin everywhere. A body lift offers all over body contouring in Raleigh to adults who have lost significant weight. This surgical procedure combines several surgeries to remove excess skin and tighten what remains for a much more flattering contour. 

At Synergy, we perform upper and lower body lifts. A full body lift involves combining the two, usually performed months apart for your health and to minimize recovery time. 

synergy face and body plastic surgery center, laser center, and medical spa in raleigh

Why come to Synergy for body contouring in Raleigh?

Synergy Face & Body is an award-winning medical spa and is a member of the American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery, International Society of Plastic & Aesthetic Nurses, and Day Spa Association.

We invest massive amounts of time and energy in ensuring we hold the highest standards in employee training and ongoing education. Our 2 convenient locations offer body contouring in Raleigh from over 75 highly trained medical and spa professionals. 

For patients undergoing plastic surgery, Dr. Stewart Collins, our Medical Director and Plastic Surgeon, is Board-Certified in Plastic Surgery and holds surgical privileges at all major Raleigh area hospitals. We also have a convenient private operating facility on-site.

If you are ready to get started with the Synergy team on your journey with body contouring in Raleigh, contact us or use our virtual consultation to tell us about your areas of concern today!


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