Botox: A Safe and Effective Treatment for Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating, known medically as hyperhidrosis, afflicts nearly 3% of Americans. While minor perspiration is normal and healthy for thermoregulation, excessive sweat can produce embarrassing wet spots on shirts, soak through footwear, and elicit discomfort in afflicted patients. 

Read on to learn how Synergy Face + Body offers Botox injections that can reduce overactive sweat glands for drier, calmer skin.

How Botox Temporarily Blunts Sweat Output

Botulinum toxin, the active agent in Botox, blocks chemical signals from the nerves that normally stimulate sweat glands. We carefully inject tiny doses under your skin to reach the glands and disable their activation mechanism. 

Without continual signals from nerve impulses, sweat output in treated areas diminishes substantially within a week. Relief lasts about six months before re-injections become necessary.  

While Botox does not halt perspiration completely (since some moisture loss helps regulate body temperature), it’s the volume reduction that is often life-changing for our patients. They can again wear light-colored clothing without telltale pit stains, enjoy drier handshakes, and feel fresh instead of clammy.

Which Body Areas Respond Best to Botox Injections?

The most commonly affected areas are; the underarms, palms, feet, and certain facial areas.

  • Underarms: The underarms usually sweat the most copiously, darkening shirts, and causing anxiety and distraction. About 50 tiny injections across each armpit can reduce secretion rates by up to 87%.  
  • Palms & Feet: Palms are typically slippery and wet and while feet soak sock liners and shoes. Carefully targeted shots to palms and soles can cut moisture significantly so hands regain grip and feet stay dry.
  • Facial Areas: Facial outbreaks around the brows, hairline, nose, and upper lip also respond well to Botox injections. We inject Botox along the forehead, temple and eyebrows with excellent results for facial flushing caused by overactive sweat glands.

In our experienced hands, Botox injections are a simple walk-in/walk-out procedure with the effects building gradually over several days. Most of our patients report dramatically positive outcomes within a month.

What to Expect During a Botox Procedure

At Synergy Face + Body, you can often receive same-day Botox treatment once medically cleared by our practitioners. After changing into an exam gown, you recline on a table where one of our technicians will mark tiny injection points across the target area. 

They then methodically inject small amounts of Botox using thin, short needles that rarely cause more than fleeting pinches.

We use ice packs to help reduce any inflammation, swelling, or bruising afterward before you dress and depart. The entire process from changing clothes to exiting rarely exceeds 30 minutes, even when multiple body areas are addressed in one visit. Most of our patients return to work immediately without issues.

How Long Do Benefits Last?

Relief from excessive sweating via Botox injections typically lasts between four to six months. As nerve function gradually returns and sweat glands regain strength, moisture levels start to climb again, usually to pre-treatment levels after about half a year (a bit longer in some cases).  

While Botox does not permanently disable sweat glands, ongoing injections can sustain the positive effects year after year. Think of it like a therapeutic haircut – it keeps excess growth in check but periodic trimming becomes necessary.   

Who Makes an Ideal Candidate for Botox?

If embarrassing underarm spotting, slippery palms, or soaked soles cause you frequent anxiety, Botox injections can help you find relief through a straightforward series of treatments. However, we do not administer Botox to pregnant or nursing women due to unknown impacts on fetuses.  

We also exercise caution treating patients with certain neurological disorders that could react negatively to botulinum chemicals. We rule out contraindications during an introductory consultation before clearing qualified candidates for Botox injections.   

FAQs: Popular Botox Questions   

These are the most common questions asked during initial consultations about Botox treatment.   

Are injections painful?

Discomfort feels like quick pinpricks with little lingering pain. Numbing cream can further reduce sensation. Make sure to avoid alcohol for 24 hours pre-treatment since it may heighten sensitivity.    

When does relief begin?

You will notice less sweating within a week as nerves to glands begin to weaken and chemical signals diminish. Most patients experience maximal results within a month.   

Are there any risks?

When administered by one of our licensed professionals, few complications arise beyond temporary inflammation, numbness, or minor bruising around injection sites which clear quickly.   

Is Botox expensive? 

Considering the life-altering benefits of six sweat-free months after a quick series of injections, Botox proves highly cost-effective.  

Next Steps: Schedule a Consultation    

If bothersome underarm spotting, chronically wet palms, or feet are compromising your daily confidence and comfort level, request a personalized consultation about Botox injections today by calling Synergy Face + Body in Raleigh, NC at (919) 510-5130. 

Our caring staff looks forward to crafting an effective treatment plan tailored to your needs for substantially reducing excessive perspiration. Don’t allow overactive sweat glands to dominate – help is available through safe, proven Botox therapy!