To our Synergy ITB family,

It’s time for another update regarding our beloved Inside the Beltline location. We are just under two months away from our target opening date in late June, and you could say that the excitement is building (ha! get it?).

Our construction team is getting the drywall up and the space is starting to look more like the Synergy we all know and love.

Our team has been making frequent trips to the storage unit to organize and retrieve all of our favorite final touches that make the space feel like home. We’re especially excited for the 3form glass accent pictured below that has always been a fixture in our Inside the Beltline location.

Another exciting update is that we are actively accepting appointments for late June. This means that for those of you who are booking their next appointment, you can do so at the new location with your favorite provider.

In the meantime, we’d love to see you at one of our other Triangle locations or at some of the fun community events we are sponsoring, like Artsplosure and Midtown’s Beach Music Series later this summer.

We’ll keep you posted with us as we share more updates on the space’s progress! Plus as we get into June, you’ll want to check this newsletter for first access to exclusive giveaways and offers to our existing clients 😉


Synergy’s ITB Team