Discover the Life-Enhancing Rhinoplasty Benefits

Rhinoplasty, commonly called a “nose job,” can transform the look and function of your nose for improved breathing, increased self-confidence, and a higher quality of life. Our double board-certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Travis Shaw at Synergy Face + Body has extensive experience in utilizing advanced rhinoplasty techniques to achieve customized, natural-looking results and breathing improvement for patients wanting to refine their nose size or shape. Keep reading to learn more about the various rhinoplasty benefits.

How Can Rhinoplasty Enhance Facial Aesthetics and Balance? 

The goal of any cosmetic rhinoplasty is to improve the aesthetic balance and proportions between a patient’s nose size/shape and their other facial features. Dr. Shaw meticulously sculpts noses during this outpatient surgery for enhanced facial symmetry – whether to correct a congenital issue, repair a traumatic injury, or reverse the signs of aging.

Our rhinoplasty procedures are customized to each patient’s specific anatomical needs, with common improvements including the following.   

  • Reducing a dorsal nasal hump for a straighter, smoother profile.  
  • Refining a wide, bulbous nasal tip shape and projection.    
  • Improving the size/angles of nostrils to balance other facial features.   
  • Correcting crookedness to create symmetrical straightening.
  • Reversing a drooping nasal tip that naturally occurs with age.  
  • Matching any asymmetry related to previous breaks or trauma.   

When precisely executed by a specialist like Dr. Shaw, our patients can realize the rhinoplasty benefits of facial harmony, leading to more proportionate balance and self-confidence.   

What Techniques Does Dr. Shaw Use for Rhinoplasty?

To maximize outcomes while preserving the structure of the nose, Dr. Shaw utilizes a hybrid approach that combines closed and open rhinoplasty techniques. Small hidden incisions are made inside the nose to allow access for refinements without any external scarring. Detailed adjustments are made to the alignment of bone and cartilage, providing support to reshape the nose both internally and externally.


  • Preserves maximum tissue for support.   
  • Controls tip projection and rotation. 
  • Straightens midline deviations.  
  • No visible scar markings.

For moderate to severe cases, an open approach may be used, as it incorporates a small inverted-V incision along the columella (tissue that links the nasal tip to the nasal base) for additional exposure to reshape the tip cartilage. 

Functional Airflow & Breathing Improvements   

In addition to external cosmetic nasal enhancements, rhinoplasty reconstructs intranasal cartilage and bone to significantly improve any chronic nasal obstructions and breathing issues caused by structural abnormalities or previous injuries.

Thanks to his meticulous precision-tuning to their internal anatomy, Dr. Shaw often helps patients breathe clearly through their nose 24/7 for the first time in years following their rhinoplasty procedures. This enhanced airflow provides a functional change that improves both physical and emotional quality of life for the long term.  

Rhinoplasty Recovery Process  

After a rhinoplasty procedure, patients will experience peak swelling and bruising between days 3 and 5 before it gradually subsides – showing improvements as it heals. Most people return to work within 10 days following the procedure. While exercise is restricted for approximately 3 weeks post-procedure, most normal activities can be resumed after 7 to 14 days as long as some precautions are taken. Dr. Shaw and his staff will provide you with detailed post-operative care instructions for your personalized optimal, low-risk healing process.  

Rhinoplasty FAQs   

How long do rhinoplasty results last?

When performed by a highly skilled specialist like Dr. Shaw, the aesthetic nasal refinements and improved breathing function from well-executed rhinoplasty are permanent – lasting a lifetime.   

Can computer imaging help guide surgical planning?

Yes. During your in-depth consultations with Dr. Shaw, he uses Vectra 3D computer imaging to simulate all possible personalized outcomes so you can provide input about your goals before surgery. This enhances precision planning. 

Will insurance cover any rhinoplasty costs?  

If your rhinoplasty procedure is medically indicated to correct congenital issues or documented breathing problems, insurance may cover a portion of the fees. Our team happily assists with comprehensive billing details so you know what to expect.  

What is tip plasty and when is it recommended?

Tip plasty refers to the modification of the nasal tip cartilage shape/projection via grafting or suturing methods. It provides precise control over tip refinement and rotation in order to balance facial proportions.

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