The DiamondGlow® Difference

If you find yourself looking in the mirror and seeing dull, lifeless skin, then a DiamondGlow® facial may be just the thing your skin needs. This treatment combines exfoliation, extraction, and the infusion of serums to improve your skin’s health, function, and appearance. The advantage of this facial compared to others is that during the infusion process, it uses serums specific to your skin’s condition. It is highly customizable, quick, and safe for all skin tones and types. DiamondGlow® is best for patients who experience dry skin, acne, wrinkles and fine lines, sun damage, or uneven skin tone.

At Synergy Face + Body, we are committed to providing patients with a fresh, renewed facial aesthetic and one that they can be proud to show off. With repeat treatments, DiamondGlow® can produce a brighter, cleaner, and more even skin tone for a luminous appearance.

What Is DiamondGlow®?

DiamondGlow® is a 3-in-1 skin resurfacing treatment that is designed to reveal healthy, glowing skin by using a device that gently exfoliates and extracts impurities on the top layer of the skin. This dermabrasion treatment reveals a new, fresh layer of skin and is infused with topical serums to provide the skin with nutrients and hydration for complete rejuvenation.

What Makes DiamondGlow® Different?

As mentioned above, the DiamondGlow® facial can be customized to meet your needs and the needs of your skin. This treatment lasts about 45 to 60 minutes and does not require any downtime. Unlike other facial treatments, DiamondGlow® uses SkinMedica® serums to have a better, more noticeable impact on the quality of your skin. The SkinMedica® serums are absorbed into the skin in the critical window of time necessary for maximum penetration and results. Whether it’s the hydrating serum or one that addresses fine lines and skin tone and texture, DiamondGlow® is sure to reveal a fresh, rejuvenated facial appearance.

What Are the Benefits of a Melasma Peel?

Besides the obvious benefits of removing melasma, brown spots, and sun damage, a melasma peel also has many other advantages and benefits, including:

    • Safe for all skin tones
    • Ideal for sensitive skin
    • Stimulates collagen
    • Encourages cell turnover
    • Improves the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
    • Diminishes acne and acne scarring
    • Improves skin clarity and texture
    • Creates a brighter complexion

Upgrade Your DiamondGlow®!

If you’re looking to upgrade your DiamondGlow® treatment, then you’ve come to the right place. At Synergy Face + Body, we offer two upgrades to the traditional facial.

DiamondGlow®+ Plus:

This treatment includes our signature DiamondGlow® facial with dermaplaning, which is an advanced manual exfoliation for even smoother skin, and a post-treatment peptide mask to lock in hydration and support collagen production that will leave you with an instant glow. This upgraded treatment is one hour long.

DiamondGlow® Platinum:

The DiamondGlow Platinum includes our signature DiamondGlow treatment, enhanced with TNS Essential Serum from SkinMedica®, which contains peptides, antioxidants, and other specialty ingredients to drastically reduce the appearance of fine lines, brighten skin tone, even texture, and overall improve the skin’s health. This treatment finishes with SkinMedica®’s “no peel” Illuminize Peel that leaves skin radiant and glowing.

Let us help you get glowing skin that everyone will be talking about!

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