What is 3D Crisalix? Revolutionizing Your Imaging Experience

Have you ever wondered what you might look like if you got dermal fillers or a facelift? Or been curious to see a simulation of your new smile before undergoing cosmetic dentistry? At Synergy Face + Body in Raleigh, NC, we now offer 3D Crisalix imaging to help answer those questions. Read on to learn all about this innovative technology we now provide to enhance your experience with aesthetic treatments.

Bringing Advanced Imaging Technology to Our Patients

3D Crisalix is an advanced digital imaging system that creates 3D visualizations of aesthetic treatment outcomes. It allows our team of seasoned medical professionals to show patients high-definition simulations of what they may look like after procedures, from non-invasive treatments like facial fillers to surgical options such as a facelift or rhinoplasty.

Here is an overview of some key benefits this technology offers to patients at our leading med spa near Raleigh:

Ultra-Realistic 3D Renderings

Thanks to complex algorithms and facial mapping technology, 3D Crisalix creates incredibly life-like 3D models showing realistic outcomes for procedures based on each patient’s unique facial anatomy. The simulated visuals incorporate variables like muscle movements, lighting, and shadows for next-level realism you won’t find in traditional imaging software.

Customized Treatment Planning

Our team uses the 3D Crisalix system during initial consultations so we can collaborate with patients to create fully customized treatment plans tailored to their aesthetic goals, budget, and anatomical needs. The technology makes it seamless to demonstrate options, combinations and treatment sequences so patients have complete clarity on what’s involved before moving forward.

Greater Confidence and Satisfaction

Seeing their new look and smile first in an ultra-accurate 3D rendering helps put patients at ease and supports excellent outcomes. Our patients frequently report greater confidence and satisfaction after seeing their Crisalix results in advance. This empowers their decision making while also allowing us to manage expectations and help achieve realistic, beautiful enhancements.

Now that you understand the basics of 3D Crisalix technology, read on to learn more about what this exciting new offering can mean for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About 3D Crisalix

If you’re intrigued by 3D Crisalix and what it may be able to show you about potential procedures with our team, you likely have some questions. Below we’ll cover some common areas patients often ask about when it comes to this technology:

What Procedures Can Be Simulated with 3D Crisalix?

We can provide 3D Crisalix imaging across a very wide range of both surgical and non-surgical aesthetic treatments, including:

  • Facial procedures like facelifts, eyelid surgery, nose jobs
  • Tooth alignment and smile makeovers
  • Injectables like dermal fillers and neuromodulators
  • Non-invasive skin tightening and body contouring
  • Breast augmentation
  • And many more!

How Accurate Are the 3D Renderings?

The imaging software uses complex algorithms and anatomical mapping with millions of reference points. This allows it to produce incredibly true-to-life 3D models. Patients routinely are amazed how closely their actual post-treatment appearance aligns with the Crisalix rendering. That said, some variability is normal since no two patients or healing processes are identical.

Can the Imaging Be Adjusted During My Consult?

Absolutely! One of the best parts of this technology is the ability to fluidly adjust the variables during an in-office consultation. We can modify aspects like syringe amounts for injectables or implant sizing for a breast augmentation so patients can see various options in 3D before moving forward with their treatment plan.

Does Insurance Cover 3D Crisalix?

3D Crisalix is considered an elective imaging option beyond standard clinical photography or scans that may be covered by insurance, such as CT scans or X-rays. As such, the 3D imaging fees are typically paid out-of-pocket by patients. That said, we always encourage patients to check with their insurance provider about potential coverage.

Seeing is Believing: Experience 3D Crisalix Firsthand

While reading about 3D Crisalix imaging is insightful, seeing your own facial mapping and potential outcomes in ultra-realistic 3D can have an even bigger emotional impact while supporting excellent treatment decisions.

That’s why we now offer this innovative technology as part of the patient journey for a wide variety of surgical and nonsurgical aesthetic procedures at Synergy Face + Body in Raleigh, NC.

During your private consultation, our team will use 3D Crisalix to demonstrate customized options so you can better understand potential outcomes in advance through truly realistic 3D renderings mapped to your unique facial anatomy.

Empowered with greater insight, clarity and confidence, we find our Crisalix patients frequently opt to move forward with achieving their aesthetic goals via skillfully executed treatment plans tailored specifically for their needs and preferences.

Experience the difference yourself today by booking a 3D Crisalix consultation with Synergy Face + Body or calling us at (919) 769-1635 to learn more!