What is EMSCULPT®? Body Sculpting in Raleigh

If you’re like most people, you’re already planning for 2020. Your goals and aspirations, your budget and travel expenses, your new diet and exercise plan, and even big life events like graduation, weddings, and more.

You may also be planning on a big vacation to help you escape the dull winter weather of Raleigh. Wanting to look and feel your best on your upcoming trip is not wrong—in fact, we see it all the time!

One of the best ways we know to help our clients meet those 2020 goals? EMSCULPT. 

Read on to learn all about this new body sculpting treatment in Raleigh!


EMSCULPT is a new device that delivers incredible results. It’s a virtually painless, non-surgical way to help you bring more definition to your abdomen, buttocks, or both—in as little as one treatment.

How does EMSCULPT body sculpting work?

EMSCULPT uses focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM®) to stimulate deep, supramaximal muscle contractions not possible through regular exercise. Your muscles get a super intense, targeted workout—all you have to do is lie back and let our body sculpting machine do the work!

Exercises that target the abdomen and buttocks like crunches and squats work by repeatedly contracting the muscles to increase their strength and size over time. EMSCULPT uses the same principles to trigger muscle contractions up to 20,000 times in a single session.

What does a body sculpting appointment look like?

There’s nothing you need to do to prepare for your Emsculpt sessions. Simply come to one of our two Raleigh locations ready to lie back comfortably for the next 30 minutes. Your experienced provider will hold the EMSCULPT applicator in place with an elastic strap, turn on the machine, and the treatment will begin. 

During your first body sculpting first session, the device will be placed on the lowest setting, so we don’t overwhelm the muscles. You’ll feel powerful muscle contractions in the targeted area through high-intensity electromagnetic energy running through the pad. Many patients report an intense feeling at first, which quickly goes away as they get used to the sensation. 

Make sure you bring along some entertainment to your non-invasive body sculpting appointment in Raleigh NC! As patients settle in for their EMSCULPT session, we typically find them kicked back, reading a book, listening to a podcast, or catching up on their latest Netflix binge. 

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You can also schedule a fun and educational consultation, any time.

The team at Synergy will review your medical history, discuss your diet and exercise, and assess your areas of concern to determine whether or not EMSCULPT will work for you. 

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