Over time, our skin accumulates a whole bunch of dead skin cells that can leave it feeling dry or looking weighed down with blemishes. Exfoliating the skin is an easy and inexpensive way to give your skin a new lease of life to leave it feeling softer and looking lively again.

What is exfoliation?

Simply put, exfoliation refers to the removal of all those nasty old dead skin cells that are festering away on the skins surface. You can chose to exfoliate using an abrasive scrub or chose a chemical peel that will dissolve and remove the dead skins cells without all that unkind scrubbing.

Why is Exfoliation So Important To My Skin?

Your skin is a living organism, and over time it will completely regenerate itself. As we get older however, the process of cell regeneration starts to slow down. This means that the body is slower to shed skin cells and generate new ones. A build up of dead skin cells will leave your skin looking dull as well as feeling rough and dry.

Ironically, dead skin cells can also result in excess oils and clogged pores, meaning it may feel dry but also be plagued with spots, blemishes or even acne. To ensure your skin looks and feels radiant at any age, proper exfoliation is the key to keeping your baby soft skin looking younger for longer.

How Does Exfoliating Help My Complexion?

By removing the barrier of dead skins cells clogging up your skin, you are able to uncover the fresh new cells below. These new cells will look brighter and will also be a more effective barrier for your moisturizer to penetrate, making your regular skincare products more effective and your skin feeling more supple than it did before. Regular exfoliation will leave you skin looking fresh and healthy, and will also help your skin care routine to be more efficacious.

What is the Best Way to Exfoliate?

Depending on your complexion and the overall health or sensitivity of your skin, there are a variety of ways to successfully do away with those nasty dead cells. If you have sensitive skin, or suffer from severe acne, you will need to choose how your exfoliate very carefully so as not to exacerbate any existing conditions.

Being sure to undertake your preferred exfoliation method regularly is vital for ongoing healthy skin regeneration. You can use manual exfoliation techniques are part of your weekly skin care regime.

A professional esthetician will be able to help chose the most appropriate method for you. From scrubbing agents to chemical peels, there will always be a suitable solution for all kinds of skin types.

Here at Synergy Spa and Easthetics we can help you go beyond your bathroom based exfoliation methods and offer you the latest technological and non-surgical advances in this field. We can help you to recover healthier, clearer and more youthful looking skin.

Whether you would like to undergo a full micro peel, are interested in dermaplaning or cryotherapy, or are just looking for a deep cleansing purifying treatment, our team of dermatologists and beauty specialists can help to find the right exfoliating procedure for you.

With long appointment times to allow for a full consultation prior to any treatments, are team are on hand to help your skin to glow once more. Call us today on 919.510.5130 to find out more.